What makes Steve's creations unique?

Artistic Integrity: 
Having a Master of Fine Arts Degree has served Steve well over the years. Being the imaginative force behind Stamas' designs enables him to create his own unique images without compromise.

Copyrighted Originals: 
As an accomplished jewelry modelmaker, Steve works directly with all types of inventive techniques to pursue new ideas. Look for the "Stamas ©" trademark on each design to ensure it is from his original collection.

Classic Styles: 
His talent and energy has produced a new "modern classic look" in fine jewelry. Innovative designs that stand the test of time and people enjoy over and over again. "Heirlooms for Tomorrow!"

Unlimited Guarantee: 
With so many imports on the market, he is proud to produce a quality American line of fine jewelry. All of his jewelry is fully guaranteed. Return any jewelry at any time in the future if the craftsmanship is not satisfactory and it will be replaced, exchanged, or your money refunded.

Fast Shipping: 
Every effort is made to ship your order as soon as possible. If it will not be ready within two weeks you will be notified, immediately. If you have a ship date, please include it in you order.

Customer Service: 
Steve is available to personally discuss with you any questions about his work and what would be most suitable for you!